•2x EBI CJJ champ

•Quintet 2 Team champion •Subversive 1 Team champion •Metamoris Vet (super fight) •Polaris Pro Vet (super fight/ sub of the night) •Kasai Pro Vet (super fight/ sub of the night) •Fight 2 win vet (super fight/ sub of the night) •7 Amateur MMA fights (undefeated)

•Tuff N Uff - former 170 Amateur Champion

•5 pro mma fights

•Eddie Bravo Black Belt (3 yrs 11 months)

•3x EBI Champion

•North American Trials Champion

•3 ADCC finals vet

•Quintet 2 team champion

•Subversive 1 team champion

•Polaris vet

•Kasai vet

•Fight 2 win winner

•Fastest black belt under Eddie Bravo 3 1/2 years

•3x Nibiru warrior of the year

Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez and Geovanny "Freakahzoid" Martinez haven't been jiu-jitsu practitioners their entire lives. In fact, the two each began their JJ journey less than a decade ago. Quickly coined as the "Freak Brothers" due to their background in break dancing, they began developing a quick following. Geo, the younger of the two, started his JJ ride in late 2010, quickly rising to blue belt and schooling everyone at Gracie Nationals just three months into his training. The two quickly developed into strong blue belts while training at 10th Planet Vista whenever they were able. Geo, a natural at the sport and one of the top competitors in No-Gi, earned his black belt in January 2014 under Eddie Bravo in just three years of training. Not far from his brother, early in his blue belt days, Boogeyman began training directly under Bravo, learning MMA and taking his grappling to new heights. However, Boogeyman quickly went back to his grappling roots of JJ and was awarded his black belt by Bravo on January 3, 2015, at the opening of 10th Planet San Diego, Boogeyman's own gym. In early 2017, Geo, opened his own location, 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Oceanside, CA, swapping birth towns with his brother so the two can share their knowledge, passion and skills with the rest of the Freaks of the World.

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